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Mail Away Procedure

Mail Away Procedure

IF you will not be present for closing, please let us know as soon as possible.

OUR MAIL AWAY procedure is as follows:

  1. At Closing, we will email the documents for you to print, sign and scan back to us. We can close on a scanned copy in a cash transaction. You then send the originals to us in regular mail. Please call the office if you are not able to print your closing package.
  2. In a cash transaction, in most instances, you will not need a Notary, and it is a small closing package.
  3. In a loan transaction, you will need a Notary, and we are required to use a third-party Mobile Notary service. This charge will automatically be included in your closing costs and the charge is between $125- $150.00.
  4. Please provide the addresses where all parties will be located so we can provide it to the Mobile Notary.

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